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Customer satisfaction is more than a goal in our company it is a requirement. To insure this we offer a room by room Load Calculation on every install, which assures each room gets the correct amount of air delivered for absolute comfort and whisper quite operation.

Every system is designed and engineered by the owner, Paul. This insures no unpleasant surprises once the job is started. Upon completion the owner Paul returns to complete a 37 point Installation Quality Control Audit to insure the job meets his exacting standards.

P&M Mechanical will provide each homeowner with the assurance that your home is kept clean with drop cloths and our "No Work Boots Will Touch Your Floor" policy. Freshly laundered drop cloths and boot covers are used on every job so we don't bring anyone else's dirt into your home. We also a daily installer's checklist to insure nothing is forgotten.

You can also be assured that your home is always safe with our crews as we do an extensive criminal background check on all our installers. Our first goal is to make this experience a pleasurable one not a painful one.

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